"Had a premonition of fame w/o consulting a psychic/ "


This isn't done purely for the fame. We don't pick up mics to beat our chest and profess stories of not yet obtained grandeur. This is a vision greatness spoken aloud. A manifestation of years whispering where only the paper was listening. When only god could hear us. Yo-Dot ( Demetrius Bennett) is cut from this same cloth that bred greatness. The same hunger that filled the bellies of jigga, nas, scarface , Eminem , Dre and snoop drives Yo-Dot.


"Come from the darkest place/ But never taught to enlighten/"Just wanted to touch a key, but never the thought of typing"


The streets of Milwaukee infamous for pimps, hoes, and anybody trying to make a name for themselves have forged the steel pen of yo-dot in its fires. Burleigh Blvd born and raised Yo-dot is out to make a name for himself. He's already hit the same stages as Wale, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, and Tech N9NE to name a few. Steel sharpen Steel. The jungle raised a lion. A king Prepared to lead the next generation mc's forward.


With his next offering of "Burleigh Bodega " you will hear what you don't hear any where else. You will hear the heart beat of the street. The breathing of the corner. The thoughts of a man still filled with that hunger. Yo-Dot. Let the premonition begin.